Hollywood Fitness Membership Introduction

Below you’ll find all the information you’ll ever need to know about your membership at Hollywood Fitness. We are thrilled that you are a member with us! Whatever reason to be here is, we support you and believe in you!
Your Average Visit Preview


  • Parking – At 52nd AVE turn into the entrance alongside our building and head straight back to our parking lot.
  • Entrance – Enter through the front door. 
  • Check In – At the front door or desk scan your barcode to check in for your visit.


  • Towels – After checking in grab a cleaning towel from the front desk.
  • Locker Rooms – Be sure to bring a lock so you can lock up your belongings during your workout.
  • Workout Etiquette – Proper etiquette is of great importance to us so we’ve dedicated an entire section to it below.


  • Towel – After finishing your workout drop your used towel off in one of the red bins around the gym. 
  • Exit – You can exit through the front or back door. You do not need to check out. 
  • Plan Your Next Visit – Consistency is the most important facet of fitness. Make sure to pick your next visit time!


  • Clean your machines after usage with a towel and the cleaner placed throughout the gym.
  • Return dumbbells, plates, attachments, and anything you use back to their designated place.
  • Place used towels in the red bins placed around the gym.
  • Throw paper towels away. 


  • Wear clean clothes and shoes when working out. 
  • Inappropriate body odor is offensive. Smell yourself… please.


  • When working out only wear exercise ready clothes.
  • Do not wear clothes with clasps, pins, or anything metal that can damage the machines.
  • Only closed toed exercise shoes are allowed. No sandals, crocs, flip flops, dress shoes, slides, etc.

Equipment Usage

  • Use the equipment properly. Misusing the equipment can result in injury and/or damage to the equipment.

  • Ask for assistance from the fitness staff if you are unfamiliar with equipment.

  • Be conscientious of others and don’t spend too much time on a single piece of equipment.


  • Do not slam, drop, clang, or throw dumbbells and barbells on the floor.

  • No grunting or yelling. Focus on controlled breathing instead.

  • Again, be conscientious of others. Loud noise can cause extreme stress to people around you.


  • Using powdered chalk is not allowed.
  • Do not put weights on benches. This prevents damage to the vinyl.
  • Lockers are for day use only. Locks are cut if left on locker overnight.

Personal Training

  • We have both one-on-one personal training and group personal training. 
  • If you are interested in one-on-one training, click the button below for more information. 
  • Group personal training is a fantastic alternative to one-on-one training and has 10 set times throughout the week to attend. 


  • With the Premium membership you’ll have unlimited access to our in person and on demand classes.
  • Alongside in person classes we also have an on demand class system to guide you at anytime anywhere. 
  • Click the button below for our class schedule and more information!


  • By bringing all your fitness needs into one application, ActivTrax will deliver quick and safe results, and eliminate boredom from your workout routine.
  • ActivTrax is a science based program that provides you with tailored workouts, exercise tutorials, personalized weight recommendations, and so much more.

Hollywood Fitness App

  • Download our app today and get set up to get access to your barcode, rewards program, workout tracking, and an entire suite of fitness tracking functionality. 


  • We are opened and staffed 24/7!
  • Our doors are locked between 8pm and 8am. During those hours you can unlock the doors with your assigned barcode.


  • We always open and operational 24/7 except for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. 
  • In the case of extreme weather closures may happened and our social media will be updated on whether or not we are open.

Referral Program

  • If you refer your friends and family to the gym and they join you’ll receive $20 in rewards points each!
  • You can redeem these points towards your monthly dues, smoothies, supplements, merchandise, and anything at our club!
  • Just click “Invite Friends” in the app and send them an invite. When they join you’ll get your rewards.