Welcome to Hollywood Fitness!
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We are open & staffed 24/7 but our doors lock between 8pm-8am. During those hours you'll be able to scan your barcode at the front door to gain entrance.
At the 52nd Ave. stoplight, turn directly into the road alongside our building and head straight back into our parking lot.
 The Hollywood Fitness app is much more than your average gym app. Yes, it has your barcode, the class schedule, and support, but it also has our rewards program, advanced workout tracking, goal tracking, challenges, a bio age calculator, and so much more. 
Premium and Ultimate members have access to a variety of classes. You can check the class listing a sign up for a class on our app!
We offer personal training packages of a wide variety depending on your needs and fitness goals. Talk to the front desk to get scheduled on a consultation if you are interested in training.
Thanks for being a member!
We appreciate you joining and are excited to work alongside you to ensure you achieve your goals no matter what they are! Read below to learn about our culture and rules.
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At Hollywood Fitness we pride ourselves in maintaining a positive, encouraging, and inviting culture for people of all fitness levels. To build this atmosphere we have general rules and etiquette that we encourage everyone to follow. 


1. Pick up after yourself

– Return used towels to red bags near locker rooms.

– Return weight plates and dumbbells to their designated places.

– Throw your paper towels in the trash.


2. Do not put weights on benches. This is to prevent tears in the vinyl.


3. Use of chalk or powder is strictly prohibited.


4. Lockers are for day use only. Locks are cut if left on locker overnight.


5. Clean the machines you use

– Members are required to clean each machine after use. Carry a towel and clean each machine with the cleaner provided.


6. Proper hygiene is required

– Wear clean clothes while working out. Inappropriate body odor is offensive.

– Dry, closed-top athletic shoes are required.


7. Use the equipment properly

– Misusing the equipment can result in injury and/or damage to the equipment. Ask for assistance from the fitness staff if you are unfamiliar with equipment.


8. Do not be overly noisy

– Do not slam, drop, clang, or throw dumbbells and barbells on the floor when you are finished.

– No grunting or yelling. Focus on controlled breathing instead.


If you have any questions on these rules reach out and let us know! We appreciate all of our members and how much they help us maintain the positive atmosphere.